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Elmira is on a quest for a place that has never existed. In her exploration, she mesmerizes with the concept of a "Dead Utopia," acknowledging the inherent futility in the pursuit of an idealized and perfected world. At the core of her themes is the symbolic motif of the imperfect circle, a conceptual symbol emphasizing the impossibility of attaining utopian ideals.   

Elmira's belief in the imperfect circle stands as a visual and philosophical foundation in her work, highlighting the inherent contradiction between striving for idealistic completeness and the unavoidable imperfections that characterize the human experience. Through the purposeful creation of contrasting spaces, she aims to convey the intricacies of life and its intrinsic meaning.   

Integrating mediums like video and drawing, Elmira integrates Flâneur-style filming into her daily routine, capturing the contrasts and nuances of everyday life and incorporates her freehand drawing to construct scenes absent in her films. The fusion of genuine scenes with her drawings is a deliberate effort to depict the contrast between existence and non-existence. This approach seeks to unveil the dichotomy between reality and imagination in her perspective.  

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