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Multimedia (Video Performance, Installation, Drawing)

Aug 2023
MFA Gallery and VA Black Box | Concordia University

Over the span of several years, I've embarked on a unique artistic journey I've come to call "ALPHA." With a sketchbook placed on my chest, I've ventured into a realm that bridges consciousness and the cusp of sleep. The objective is to capture the elusive choreography of ALPHA waves—the intricate brain rhythms that weave the tapestry of our dreams. Through uninhibited doodling, I've granted my subconscious a voice expressed through lines and forms, each stroke resonating with the enigmatic landscapes within. Simultaneously, cameras have meticulously chronicled my transition from wakefulness to the surreal expanses of sleep. The unspoken narrative of my body's nocturnal movements, painted in shades of blue, accentuates the harmony between physical vessel and nocturnal wandering. This endeavor, rooted in a pursuit of self-discovery, embarks on an expedition into the concealed chambers of personal existence. Every sketch, every frame, every movement becomes a fragment of the puzzle, unveiling the interwoven nature of conscious and dreaming selves. "ALPHA" beckons me to embrace the enigma, decode the language of my inner universe, and reveal the narratives that shape my identity.
I have exhibited this project across two distinct spaces: the MFA gallery showcasing the tangible outcomes of my drawings, and the basement's blackbox unveiling two videos capturing the process of each nightly performance. This dual presentation aims to illuminate the interplay between the conscious and unconscious mind through spatial representation. The juxtaposition prompts viewers to engage with the visible result while remaining unaware of the internal journey, inviting them to symbolically connect with my experience. The enigmatic darkness of the blackbox further enhances this journey of discovery.

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