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Feb 2023 | Montreal

As an Iranian interdisciplinary artist, the rich cultural traditions of Iran have deeply influenced and inspired me throughout my life. The famous quote by the Persian poet Saadi, “The world is a mirror, reflect in it and it will reflect back to you,” speaks to the profound impact that observation can have on both the observer and the observed.

Drawing on traditional Iranian cultural practices and contemporary artistic techniques, I seek to create a space for dialogue, connection, and understanding. I challenge viewers to see the world in creative and un- expected ways. Eyes hold deep cultural and symbolic significance in Iranian art, literature, and culture, sym- bolizing observation, emotion, and spiritual insight. They are often depicted in intricate designs in traditional Persian miniature painting, conveying a wealth of emotions and meaning.

In Iranian traditional material, the eyes hold a deep philosophical significance. The concept of “Bazm” em- phasizes the idea of inner perception, suggesting that true understanding and insight can only be achieved through deep contemplation and observation that goes beyond the surface level of things to uncover deeper truths and meanings. The eyes are also associated with the concept of “Noor,” which means illumination and suggests that they are not just passive receptors of light but are active agents that bring illumination and understanding to the world around us.

I invited the audience to my performance by writing for sentences behind me on the screen:
Observe me
And let me observe you
Move the pen as your eyes move
Don't look at the paper

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