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Performance, Video Installation, Drawing

Feb 2023 | Montreal

My project began with a question that has been asked
throughout human history: Who am I, and how do people see me? This inquiry took on a heightened significance for me when I moved to Montreal from Iran. As an Iranian woman, I was now living in a western country, and I found myself grappling with my identity and how I was perceived by others. I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, seeking to understand myself more deeply and to explore the power of communication beyond language. My project speaks to the universality of the human experience of self-discovery and the role that others' perceptions play in shaping our sense of self. I draw upon the rich cultural heritage of Iran, where the power of observation and the gaze have been woven into literature, art, and philosophy for centuries. Through my project, I seek to examine the concept and power of eyes in Iranian culture and to explore the ways in which communication can transcend language barriers.

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